SimplifyExpansion is a full-service global PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and EoR (Employer of Record). We make it easy for companies to expand overseas by helping them find, recruit, onboard, manage, and pay employees in over 180 countries.
We hire your overseas employees using our legally-established subsidiary in the country needed. The employees, though hired by us, work directly and exclusively for you. You provide us one easy monthly payment. This enables you to hire overseas employees quickly without having to worry about setting up and managing local subsidiaries, payroll, benefits, taxes, HR, and country-specific compliance.
Absolutely, if a client needs us to. We are a full-service PEO and EoR. Our in-house recruitment team will find and interview candidates for you based upon a thorough understanding of your requirements. To find candidates, we will use our exclusive global network along with local job boards that are available. Once we provide you with screened candidates, you just need to make the final hiring decision.
Sure we can, by utilizing our highly experienced in-house team and our exclusive global network. Many of our clients begin by using us as their global PEO and EoR, but once they are ready to start their own local subsidiary and directly hire their employees, we help them easily make this transition. If needed, we can continue to help them with payroll, benefits, taxes, HR, and country-specific compliance.
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