Hire Overseas. Now.

We are the premier global professional employer organization (PEO) that enables you to bring on overseas employees quickly and risk-free. We’ll hire your employees and handle payroll, benefits, HR, tax filings, and country-specific compliance. They will remain your employees and work for you.

What We Can Help With

Our team will develop a custom plan to assist with the following:

Finding and screening candidates - Using our exclusive global network, we will help you find the right candidates in over 180 countries.

Onboarding new employees - We’ll legally hire your employees and make sure they have locally-compliant employment contracts.

Managing and paying your employees - We’ll be the Employer of Record (EoR), i.e. we’ll take care of payroll, benefits, HR, taxes, and making sure you’re compliant with local laws.

Setting up an overseas office - If you need an overseas office for your employees, we can help you set one up by utilizing our global network.

Starting an overseas subsidiary - If you are considering starting an overseas subsidiary, we’ll help you set it up.

How It Works

1. Sign up for free

Let us know your requirements.

2. Receive a plan

We send you a custom proposal in 1-2 business days.

3. We hire your employees

We will onboard them and manage all the boring stuff!

4. Get to work

You can focus on assigning work to your employees.

Simple and Risk-Free Expansion

Have easy access to all your employee, payroll, and compliance data in your online account. By using a direct global PEO like ours, you are essentially transferring the country-specific compliance work and risk to us. We’ll just invoice you once a month, and you can focus on the important thing, i.e. assigning work to your employees.

Need Your Own Overseas Subsidiary?

If you’re considering starting your own subsidiary and/or office overseas (now or later), we can help make the process easier, using our extensive global network. If you need our help handling your payroll, benefits, taxes, HR, and country-specific compliance, we’re here for you. Learn More.

Our Other Platforms

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